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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp - 3kg


Use this natural Himalayan salt lamp to add an ambient glow to your workspace while you study or simply relax.

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Every lamp is mined in Pakistan at the base of the Himalayas and hand carved making each piece unique. Includes a sturdy wooden base through which the included power cord and 7W bulb mount. Light shines through the thick salt shell and casts a warm orange glow onto your workspace. Whether or not the health benefits of salt lamps exist, we think they make a great accessory to any space.

  • Dimensions: 9cm diameter, 15 – 20 cm height
  • Imperial Dimensions: 3.5” diameter, 6-8” height
  • Weight: 2 – 3kg (4.4 – 6.5lb)
  • Light Source: 7W Bulb Included
  • Plugs into Home outlet
  • Made in Pakistan


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