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Satechi Vertical Laptop Stand


Satechi’s universal laptop stand allows you to vertically store any laptop between 12 and 31mm in thickness. Free up desk space while you add another attractive accessory to your setup.


This aluminum stand by Satechi helps you raise your organization game and minimize the amount of space your laptop needs while its not in use. Rubber lining on the inside and bottom of the stand provide a firm grip on your device and a solid stance on your desktop. Allow your device to breathe better while it charges by exposing the underside to open air. Use a knob on the side of the stand to adjust for your laptop thickness, no tools required allowing easy adjustment between different devices.

  • Anodized aluminum finish
  • Rubber lined grip and base to hold your device securely
  • Fits laptops and tablets between 12.7 to 31.7mm in thickness ( ½” to 1 ¼”)
  • Available in Matte Black, Space Grey, and Silver
  • Outer Dimensions: 179mm x 100mm x 70mm (05 x 3.9 x 2.75 inches)


Looking for a stand designed specifically for MacBooks? Check out our mTower Vertical Laptop Stand!

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Matte Black, Silver, Space Grey

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